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Independent merger and acquisitions advisory practice based out of São Paulo, Brazil.


We advise companies for both buy and sell mandates, financial restructuring and technology licesing, offering the highest service standard, with modern methods of project and investment analysis. We are focused on tailor-made strategies for mergers and acquisitions and financial restructuring solutions.


Eire values long-term relationships and appreciates the trust our clients deposit on our assessment, always focused on maintaining the necessary confidentiality. We work until our clients achieve the desired success in their transactions.


Eire has participated in some of the most relevant transactions of an array of industries in Brazil.


Eire has a long-standing origin: the partners have been working as strategic and financial advisors since 1995.


Renamed in 2010, the name Eire carries great purpose as it means Ireland in the Celtic language. The motif to using this name was to represent our motto: “Forte et Fideli, nihil difficile”, which freely translated means “For the strong and loyal, nothing is difficult”.

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The success of each of our client’s transactions is due to our strict alignment with their objectives and the aggregate know-how of our team.


Our expertise also includes negotiations with international companies and investors, offering a breadth of solutions to our clients.


We service clients in diverse sectors of the middle market economy and also family-owned businesses, carrying all the knowledge and skill in conflict management, always emphasizing our clients’ interests, in diverse business areas.


Eire offers various strategic advisory services:

mergers and acquisitions

Eire develops a differentiated method to attend to the needs of each one of its clients, acting so that each one of its objectives be completely achieved in a satisfying manner.


During the Mergers and Acquisitions processes, Eire prepares a market study, identifies potential interested parties or potential targets, does all the approach and negotiation, advises in the organization of the due diligence process and presents the most adequate alternatives for the execution and successful conclusion of each deal.


Eire accompanies the client during all phases of negotiation, conclusion, and in many cases, remains by the client’s side post-closing.

financial restructuring

Eire offers specialized services to companies, creditors and investors involved in the processes of a financial restructuring. We have experience in funding, Chapter 11, acquisitions, debt restructuring in Brazil and abroad.


Our objective is to seal agreements between creditors and shareholders to satisfy the interests of our clients. We have the intention to accelerate the formalization of these agreements in order to diminish the impact of this process in the operation and activities of the companies.


sale and/or licensing of technologies

Eire promotes the commercialization of technologies, through its sale or licensing, or fund raising; whichever solution is more adequate to each case, and in alignment with clients' intentions.


Our clients are advised by us to hire patent specialized lawyers and other experts in the preparation of international contracts, for both the financial and the commercial aspects.

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Raymond, Eire’s founding partner, worked in M&A, as well as being a member of the Committee Credit at Citibank, for more than a decade. Acted as president in middle market companies before founding Eire. With more than 30 years of experience in the Brazilian financial market and real economy, he has participated of all the transactions listed above.



Jussara, Eire’s founding partner, was CICA’s (Companhia Industrial de Conservas Alimentícias) treasurer before its sale to Unilever. For 25 years as a part of Eire’s team, she acts as the chief of operations and is responsible for the administrative and financial departments at Eire.



Sandra, for more than 20 years  constituting the Eire team, is the assistant, who offers strategic support on all projects. Responsible for all institutional and client material, she supports the team during meetings as well.



Eire Estruturação e Negócios Ltda.


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Raymond O’Keeffe 


Jussara Favoretto


Sandra Menna



Av. Brig Faria Lima, 2601 - 6º andar - São Paulo/SP - 01452-924, Brasil

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